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We aspire to work with clients who:

  • 1.Require innovative and cost effective solutions to their risk exposures,
  • 2.Demand a high level of personal service,
  • 3.Expect the highest levels of technical expertise and experience,
  • 4.Take risk seriously.
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Welltech can help you
Risk Inspection & Risk Management
  • To identify hazards and areas of exposure that can be eliminated at an acceptable cost.
  • To advise on proper risk handling method
  • To enhance risk appetite of the insurers so that economy and competitiveness is achieved
  • To understand your specific needs
  • To minimise the total cost of risk to our clients
Personalised Professional Advice
  • Our professional advice shall suit client’s specific business needs.
  • Our recommendations are based on our understanding about our client’s business, management style and attitude toward risk retention.
  • Personal attention by responsible professionnals
Product Range
  • We have at our disposal the entire range of insurance products available in the world markets.
  • Where these do not fit specific needs, we are able to adapt existing products or tailor new products to provide the widest protection.
  • The markets respect us as professional risk advisors.
  • With our relationship with major Insurance players, we are able to negotiate from a position of strength.
  • This enables us to provide highly competitive terms to clients’ benefit.
Programme Management
  • We act as if the functions of insurance department of our clients are entrusted to us.
  • We establish a well-managed insurance program.
  • We Provide management reports and keep our clients advised of their “cost of risk”. This will release the time and energy of their Man-Power to concentrate on their Core Business.
  • Insurance premiums can be a significant part of the corporate expenses, certainly everyone is looking for opportunities to minimise these costs year on year.
  • We are well versed in current trends in the Insurance markets and the premium levels for any risk.
  • We have the market clout and the negotiating skills to obtain the best terms for any insurance program without compromising the scope of cover that our clients require.
  • In fact, we will almost certainly be able to show substantial savings to any of our new client if we are asked to review their existing insurance policies.
  • Losses do happen in spite of the very best risk management program.
  • We ensure that your claims are properly presented and fully documented so that delays do not occur.
  • We recommend Insurer with positive attitude toward payment of claims.
  • Ultimately we ensure a fair and timely settlement of claims.
Our Position
  • We represent our client and not the Insurers.
  • Our services are available to our clients free of charge if mandated.
  • The insurers with whom we place cover pay for our services.
Independent Claim Consulting Wherever we not a mandated broker, we also take up claim consultation at a fee mutually agreed. Our professionals are competent enough to handle complex claim of any nature and volume.


Phone :044 23712394

Fax : 044 23712395

Mobile:+91 9940033950


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